Wagtail Sibling Rivalry 1

This photo was taken by my husband. The adult wagtail is the one we hand-reared. This weekend she and her mate proudly presented us with four healthy fledglings. She brought them in, gave them the grand tour of the garden, introduced then to Charleston (our GSD) and even showed them inside the house as though she was showing them where she had grown up. It was lovely to see them and a wonderful photo opportunity too. More photos of the brood can be seen on Dadbabes’ blog, and I will soon be adding photos of my own to this site.

Dadbabes Blog

Wagtail Sibling Rivalry 1

The significance of this sequence is that the mother of this brood of four was hand-reared by my wife and then presented her with four healthy young who feed (with her mate) in the same back garden she was raised in just a few months after she was mature enough to fly off on her own. This presented some serious photo opportunities.

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