13 comments on “About Muddepaws

  1. My kind of place look forward to more

  2. Daniela says:

    Thank you for following my site.

    • muddepaws says:

      I like what you are doing on your site. Is there any relationship between your blog and Project Noah?

      • Daniela says:

        No there isn’t. I did at one time have their information on the site. Are you doing any projects with them?

      • muddepaws says:

        Yes, I post a few photos there. I find it very helpful when I cannot identify a species.

      • Daniela says:

        I have friends here in Wisconsin who signed up for the site. I’m not sure what project they are working on. They are avid gardners and birder watchers.

        I appreciate that you like what I’m doing with the site. It’s become a bit of an obsession. I feel extremley honored to be a part of the talented, creative, and diverse WordPress community.

  3. Thanks for the likes and follow on my blog.

  4. Thanks for your likes on my blog. I enjoy your photo’s too. Beauty is all around us.

  5. stormy1812 says:

    thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my “needles” page! i always feel blessed when real photographers stop by. i love nature photography so i’ll have to be sure to visit more. 🙂

  6. Roho Ya Chui says:

    Thank you for following my blog 🙂 Have a lovely weekend!

  7. All the things I love including the very handsome german Shepherd dog! 🙂

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